Shop Opening “Digging Session”

Diggers Night Vol. 3 “Mion Records Berlin” / 11.8.2017-12.8.2017
July 20, 2017
Yokohama Record 横浜レコード
February 19, 2018
Dear Diggers,

Finally, we have a shop :)
We will open our doors on Saturday 16th December with a special digging session from18:00 to 20:00!

You will find here all our records that arent online!
For the event we have aprox. 13.000-15.000 Records. All genres.

There is nothing else to do than to dig and to enjoy music in a record store. Thats exactly what we are going to do :)

After that regular opening time is
Mo,- Sa. from 12:00-19:00

If you want to come, please subscribe on FB or Eventbrite.
Hope you like the store :)

See you soon!