Weekly #49

Yokohama Record 横浜レコード
February 19, 2018
Weekly #51
August 11, 2019

A couple changes to our auctions are in motion and we wanted to let you in on what is happening with that. As well, we had a couple records pop up that were worth snapping a photo of, and sharing, so here it goes!

“Ice Cream Castle” is the second album released by ‘The Time’ a funk band from Minneapolis. The record was released in 1984 and gets tagged by Discogs as, ‘Funk, Minneapolis Sound’. One fun fact about this group is that Prince wrote, played and produced for the group under the pseudonym ‘Jamie Starr’.

Another record released in 1984 that we came across was, “Wotupski!?!” by John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez. The album is tagged by Discogs as, ‘Electronic, Funk  Soul, Electro, Freestyle’ and included an awesome inner sleeve. What made this inner special was that it included a ‘Graffiti Glossary’! If you don’t know and want to get the scoop on what ‘Whole-Cars’, ‘Fat-Caps’ or ‘Biters’ are give this one a look! 😀

“The Ginza” is a compilation album with an incredible pull out insert that is several pages long detailing the district in Tokyo that it is named after and some of the buildings that are there!

Switching gears, there are a couple changes we’ve made to our auctions and what we will be auctioning off in the near future. One of the things that we have switched up with our auctions is that we have increased the size of the auction from 50 records to collections of 100 records now! What is new, that we have begun to auction off now, are laser discs!

We have been storing up laser discs for sometime now and have put together a huge amount of films and albums! That’s why this week we decided to share a couple pictures of highlights (“Ghost in the Shell” and “Princess Mononoke”) that we found to let you in on the kinds of things that we will be offering in the near future. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so expect to see this sort of thing in the coming auctions!

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